Nautical Gifts - DIY Ideas

Christmas Gifts for the Sailor in your life

For something a bit different this year, why not fill up a bag, creel, basket, or hamper with a range of products for the fisherman or sailor in your life?

For example, you could fill the Bainbridge Sailcloth Tote Bag (£15.95) with the likes of:

  • A gift box of socks (£11.49)
  • A keyring torch (£4.20)
  • A Yachting cap (£7.99)
  • A patterned hip flask (£11.95)
  • A boat cookbook (£13.99)

What about a starter kit for someone who's recently gotten into sailing? Or take your pick from our many Commercial Fishing products.

Pick and choose what you need from the list below, across our other Christmas Shops and across the site. We've got loads to offer!

If you'd like to be on the receiving end of some of these gifts, be sure to share this page with your family and friends to drop some heavy hints!

Alternatively, you can add your wishlist of products to your basket and email it to your loved ones.

Merry Christmas from Gael Force!

Gul Travel Dry Bag 60Ltr
Trem Waterproof PVC Dry Bag
Bainbridge Sailcloth Wash Bag
Buy Now£44.99
RRP £63.99
Save 30%
Buy From£13.95
RRP £22.99
Save 39%
Buy Now£9.22
RRP £13.49
Save 32%
Average Rating 3.00Average Rating 3.00Average Rating 3.00
Bainbridge Sailcloth Tote Bag
Bainbridge Deluxe Sailcloth Holdall
Gael Force Fish Basket
Buy Now£15.95
RRP £30.99
Save 49%
Gael Force 24" EasyCatch Leisure Creel
Nauticalia Mini Screwdriver Keyring
Nauticalia Vernier Caliper Keyring
Buy From£2.95
RRP £3.99
Save 26%
Buy From£2.95
RRP £3.99
Save 26%
Nauticalia Yachting Cap - Old Sea Dog
Nauticalia Gift Box 3 Pack of Socks
Nauticalia Patterned Hip flask
Buy From£8.99
RRP £15.49
Save 42%
Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00Average Rating 5.00
Buy From£11.95
RRP £19.75
Save 39%
Nauticalia Port / Starboard Socks
Nauticalia Pocket Blowtorch Lighter
Unilite Beanie Hat with USB Rechargeable LED Light
Nauticalia Yachting Cap - The Captains Word is Law
RYA Start Powerboating (G48)
RYA G3 Start Sailing
Flip Cards - Rules Of The Road Cards
Flip Cards - International Flags Code
Fladen Folding Crayfish Crab Trap
Buy From£7.99
RRP £10.99
Save 27%
Nauticalia Plastic Mugs - Set of 4
Nauticalia Crew Mug
Gael Force Plastic Bait Container
Buy From£6.00
RRP £7.49
Save 20%
SeaStorm Heavy Duty Waterproof Armlets with Velcro (Pair)
Gael Force Stainless Steel Lobster Banding Tool
Gael Force Plastic Fish Feed Scoop (C1)
Gael Force Plastic Creel Hook
Guy Cotten Elasticated Belt and Knife Holder
Gael Force Crab Gauge (All Scottish Waters)
Gael Force Lobster Gauge (All Scottish Waters)
Gael Force Long-Sleeved Thermal T-Shirt
Coast HL3 Head Torch
Nauticalia Crab Cushion
Gul Adult Mask and Snorkel Set
Nauticalia "Ship Faced" Tankard
Limit Pro XR Watch
Nauticalia Chrome Keyrings
Nauticalia Mini Pocket Hammock
Buy Now£19.99
RRP £30.99
Save 35%
Buy From£8.99
RRP £15.49
Save 42%
Gill 35L Waterproof Bag
Nauticalia Yachting Cap - Ancient Mariner
Nauticalia Gecko Non Slip Dashboard Pad
Nauticalia Cribbage Set
Nauticalia Shark Cushion
Buy From£9.95
RRP £14.99
Save 34%