Inflatable & Rigid Boats

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Dinghy Size

Waveline 4m Sport Boat with Aluminium Floor
Waveline Inflatable Slatted Floor Navy
Waveline 2.7m V-Hull Air Deck Inflatable
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RRP £466.49
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Waveline 2.7m Slatted Floor Inflatable Boat
Waveline 2.3m Slatted Floor Inflatable Boat
Buy Now£497.99
RRP £606.99
Save 18%
Buy Now£505.99

Inflatable & Rigid Boats

We have a range of inflatable and rigid boats from Honda, Waveco, Waveline and Talamex to meet all your needs. Browse our smaller (under 3m) and larger dinghies (over 3m) to find the right one for you.